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 Posted: Sun Dec 4th, 2011 12:12 pm
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If the previous experience of the AOP is any indicator, the Yanks would have rallied near Baltimore and tens of thousands of New York and New Jersey militiamen would have been called into service. Lee's worst possible move at that point would have been to try and take Washington. It was simply too well fortified. But, hypothetically, if he had taken Washington, as long as the President got out (and he would have courtesy of the navy) the war would have continued. But, back to my original hypothetical, Lee would have been stuck between two very angry forces of Yankees. And if I would have been Lincoln I would have called at least a portion of Grant's Army of Tennessee east (kind of the opposite of what happened at Chattanooga). Lee might have worried the hell out of the north for a while, but I'm not sure this would have really made any significant strategic difference. By November Lee would have been out of ammunition, medical supplies, etc (anything that you couldn't strip from the countryside) and would have to retreat into Northern Virginia. There were no elections that November so there would have been no change of war policy. Because of the Emancipation proclamation, there is very little chance that Great Britain would have supported the South. So, by January 1, 1864, I see very little strategic change in the Eastern theater. Anyway, my $.02


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