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 Posted: Sun Dec 4th, 2011 05:48 pm
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In regards to the northern militia, they didn't need to actually fight a battle with the ANV to be effective. Just by burning the bridges over the Susquehanna River they could have held up Lee for at least a week. Lee would have been alone in unfriendly territory. Not a good position to be in. By the way, Brazil was only recognized after a bitter debate in parliament, and the UK kept enormous pressure on the Kingdom until they finally did abolish slavery. But even if England had recognized the Confederacy, what then? The Royal navy might have broken the blockade, but the blockade was never very effective in the first place (see Archer Jones, "Why the Confederacy Lost"). If the South was to win, and I think they had excellent chances to do so, it would not have been at Gettysburg.


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