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 Posted: Mon Nov 13th, 2006 03:35 am
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Where to start? I have the senior form of attention deficit. My end table in the living room is stacked with Sherman/Atlanta/March material. Haven't touched one of them in weeks. Need to start prepping for Chattanooga, but I've downloaded so many really great articles and lectures cited on this and other boards that I'm converting to word processing (if I'm going to read them, then I might as well prepare to print them out and read and convert at the same time) that picking up a book is a sometime thing. Right now, I'm reading a charming little book by Frederick Law Olmstead: The Slave States before the Civil War. I'll move on to his Cotton Kingdom next. Then I'll have to see where the winds of whatsup take me. (But I still need to get back into Chattanooga.


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