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 Posted: Tue Dec 27th, 2011 12:40 am
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Sending a contengient to take it down prior to the attack would have been foolish as that would have been announcing the charge and where exactly it would have been. Yes the artillery barrage pretty much did that anyway. But there was still the question of exactly where the charge was going to come from so all Meade could do was brace for it and hope he could move his troops into the proper position in time to deal with it. By taking it down prior to the attack then Meade would have had a very good idea where the charge was going to be aimed and could have reinforced there in advance.

During the attack itself the problem with taking the fence down was the fact that they were underfire. Yet the interesting thing is that it's removal would have possibly saved lives at that point as it seems there may have been quite a few killed trying to go over the fence.

I know Unsolved History did an episode on Pickett's Charge and talked about the fence there.

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