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 Posted: Tue Dec 27th, 2011 02:10 am
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Great comments on the Hornet's Nest guys.

I wold love to see some Historian should devote a tome to the HN, as it was critical in stopping ASJ's advance to the Tennessee where his "horse could get water", allowing Grant with help from Bull Nelson to set up his line.

If we can devote books and time to LRT in Pa, the work of WH Wallace and Prentiss should also be examined in the afternoon of April 6th.

Though the actions of the 20th Maine deserve a thorough review, that of O'Rourke and Strong deserve at least as much praise as the Bates Academic.  My belief is that because JLC was a College Professor his fellow academics overlook that he was a pompous blowhard, so well pointed ot by Major Ellis of the 20th.

Where are the "minute by minute" analysis of the Sunken Road and the Mule Shoe, other critical events of key battles? 

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