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 Posted: Tue Dec 27th, 2011 02:53 am
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I do not think the sunken ground would have helped much on account of the artillery firing obliquely. Especially from Little Round Top. Also there is a letter from J. McLeod Turner of the 7th N.C. that may shed some light on, " why did they not just tear down the fence." He writes, " As we reached the road I saw the enemy leave their works and retreat over a hill. I called out to my men and the whole line rushed forward. But before we could reach the works their reinforcements arrived back at the works. When we reached the road we had to tear down fences. We tore down the first but the second would not fall. I climbed over the fence and advanced about ten yards with some of my men and was shot down. The men who climbed over  returned to the road and lay down."

Source: Raleigh Observer


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