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 Posted: Tue Dec 27th, 2011 06:12 am
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Remember today you're looking at pop culture helping to make a name for certain units. Before The Killer Angels, Gettysburg, and Glory how many people who had not really studied the war would have known anything about the 20th Maine or the 54th Mass? The Killer Angels helped to introduce the 20th Maine to a wider audiance but it was when the novel was turned into the movie Gettysburg that the regiment really became known to most folks.. The same was true of the 54th, it was really Glory that introduced the regiment to most folks. Thousands of folks had been visiting Boston Common for nearly a hundred years and likely most didn't have much of a clue about the significance of Augustus Saint-Gaudens Robert Gould Shaw Memorial until after the movie came out.

Units such as the 13th Penn. Reserves (the Bucktails) and the 26th NC could easily be more well known to folks who study the war, but most folks have little clue who they were. Yet should they be featured prominentlyin books and movies they could become quite famous to a much wider audiance.

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