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 Posted: Wed Dec 28th, 2011 03:53 am
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The Trial of Jefferson Davis. As we know it never came about. There are so many discussions and questions about the war. The right of secession, States rights, slavery and the right to Govern ones self. All the causes people discuss that brought the war on. Seems to me if a trial had taken place that alot of these questions would have been answered. I know there was a trial that took place after the war that made it illegal for a State to withdraw from the Union (Texas vs White). But Jefferson Davis never got the opportunity to defend himself or the Confederacy in a court of law. As I understand it Jefferson Davis wanted a Trial. I think if this Trial had taken place there would have been so much of the above mentioned brought out. It did not, that is what brought about this thread I would like every ones opinion as to what they believe would have happened. This is not a thread on what we think should have happened, but what we think would have happened if the Trial had indeed taken place after the war.


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