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 Posted: Sun Jan 1st, 2012 05:56 am
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If you could create a sandbox battle against Lee and Grant, where both have the same amount of men and resources, both having favorable ground upon which to fight, who do you think will come up on top?

Because I'm a southerner IMHO I give it to Lee all day long. While he was forced to fight a war with inferior odds he still was able to hold off a much stronger union army/armies for 3 years.

Grant had the superior numbers and resources and used them like no other commander would dare. He didnt care how he would look in the newspapers he just wanted to win the war as quickly as he could. Grant was a genius in the type of war he fought, but i doubt in an evenly fought battle he could have defeated Lee.

To clear things up these are the battle orders for both armies (corps wise) lets say each army consist of 75,000 men



Hancock II

Sedgwick VI

Sheridan CAV

Warren V



Longstreet I

Jackson II

Stuart CAV

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