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 Posted: Tue Jan 3rd, 2012 08:40 am
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All things being equal in supplies and manpower I just don't see Lee or Grant being able to decisively defeat the other. They both admitted that the other was different from the generals they had faced before. So like in real life they battle each other into a standstill. Sherman is still free to do what he did in real life. He marches through Georgia and then up through the Carolinas while Grant and Lee continue to hammer each other in a series of non-decisive battles..

The war was won in the west. Grant and then Sherman's efforts there turned the tide on the Confederacy. So in this scenario all that is required of Grant is to keep Lee busy and prevented from helping the Western Theater. Sherman's march through the south was then and would be here the deciding factor. That march wouldn't be effected or changed by this scenario, IMO.

I think Lee and Grant were pretty much equal when it comes to generalship. The feeling in the north when Grant went east was finally we got the top guy going up against Lee. Its been awhile since I read/heard it, but respected southern historian Shelby Foote gave the edge to Grant over Lee.

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