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 Posted: Thu Jan 5th, 2012 05:51 pm
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I think its this is a VERY interesting point and post. Thanks for bringing it up.

Davis has been vilified and Lincoln deified, but was the early Confederate military success partly due to Davis's military experience, his understanding of how the military worked and what was possible in designing strategy?

Clearly, Lincoln was learning on the job. I also think his LACK of military acumen diminished his credibility with congress and with citizens. Congress may have been predisposed to micromanage the war, generals less likely to take direction and citizens more likely to lack confidence. Early failures just reenforced his lack of experience and made congress, generals and citizens to want to act on their preferences rather than those of the commander in chief.

Did Davis have more respect from his legislature and the confidence of the southern people because of this experience? Did this give him more freedom to act and more command over his generals because of his experience?

Interesting idea - and I don't mind it being bought up a counter history.

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