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 Posted: Sun Jan 8th, 2012 01:32 pm
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I wanted to make sure Grant got some props in this thread. His campaign against Vicksburg was taught in British military schools during the days of "the sun never sets on the Union Jack." I'm sure some of Lee's campaigns were also. Grant stated his only mistake was Cold Harbor. But the reason he launched the frontal assaults there was because he thought the Confederate army was on the verge of collapse and one good strong push would break their lines and Richmond would fall. He was very wrong obviously and he admitted it.

The Lost Cause glorification is powerful and inspiring. The South showed incredible defiance and valor in resisting the North. They were starving by wars end but still remained bitterly defiant. Lee, Jackson, and Longstreet led their troops well. A true testament to the American character.

But what often gets lost is the valor shown by the Yanks in the war. After all it was the guys pulling the triggers that decided this war for the most part. The Yank assaults at Fredericksburg amazes me. Regiment after regiment marched towards the wall stepping over their dead or dying comrades. It had to be a hellish scene but yet they still made the assaults. It was an incredible display of bravery by the common soldier.

I agree with you though that a Grant-Lee battle on equal terms would be something to see.

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