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 Posted: Mon Nov 13th, 2006 07:32 pm
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Evidently there was such a song - as early as 1879. This from an 1879 newspaper account:

Our city was visited on Wednesday by a trio of very nice-looking young ladies who had apparently just escaped from some village "sem." or district school, and were determined to enjoy their brief vacation to the utmost. In the evening they serenaded some of their friends with fragments of old college airs, which "awakened fond remissness of the ancient memories of bye-gone days" in the breasts of the passersby.

Such classic songs as "If I had a Peanut I'd give you the Shuck," "Gathering up the Smells from the Shore," etc., were gaily caroled forth, but when their sweet voices again united in that grand and solemn refrain, "Saw my Leg off, Short," it was too much, and I sat down on the cold stone pavement, oh, so cold - and- and - wept!

And yes, I saw Barton & Para live - must admit I was transfixed!

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