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 Posted: Tue Jan 17th, 2012 03:07 am
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Peter B. was his father

Peter A. was his uncle

He was Peter A. and had a son Peter A.

The Porters were and are an infuential family in
Niagara Falls and Buffalo

They owned the Falls themselves until the State Parks took over in 1885

I belong to BECHS etc and go to the N.F. local history every Tue and Thur.

I have collected much info so far on Porter
and just did a site visit to Cold Harbor in Nov.

Local hsitory had the North South Mag. Vol 3 #4 which covers Corcoron's legion at Cold Harbor and Porter's role nicely

I'm seeking other Mag articles like that from North and South and Blue and Gray and Civil War Times Illus. etc

I want to study all these articles and then donate the mags to local history and possibly write articles and/or a book about Porter and Cold Harbor

I'm also interested in DVD's (VHS) and games either board or computer that focus on Cold Harbor (hopefully even Porter)

Thanks for your reply


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