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 Posted: Thu Jan 19th, 2012 08:50 pm
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I was a hardcore baseball fan growing up and still am to a degree. They definitely played for love of game in the early days. God knows it wasn't for the money like now.

Babe Ruth was a giant amongst his peers. Nobody has ever dominated the sport as he did and never will. When he retired with 714 homers nobody was above 300. The guy batted for average also. Plus until he was made into a full time hitter he was the best pitcher in baseball. It was highly controversal when the Yanks converted him into a hitter.

But to be fair to the current players they see different pitches nowadays. They don't see the same pitcher as often as the old timers did. So they can't get to know them as well. They play at night and travel from east to west coast. So there are pros and cons to today's baseball compared to the old time baseball.

I'm a hardcore Cardinals fan....loved seeing Freese become a hero in his hometown last October.  Boyhood dream lived out!

Favorite all time player.....Ruth...for reasons I mentioned.  Current...was Pujols until he turned it is Freese.

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