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 Posted: Fri Jan 20th, 2012 04:07 pm
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Gettysburger wrote: I might add President Lincoln's reelection in 1864 as
a final turning point.

Shelby Foote proclaimed "the North fought the war with one
hand tied behind it's back."

If you agree with his point,
It might be argued then if the war's outcome was ever in


Foote is correct but not in the way he meant.
The US was hampered in that for every foot ( ahem!) of southern territory it occupies it is also collectiing, feeding, clothing, sheltering and generally organizing the thousands of slaves freeing themselves.
Many officers are entangled in the various claims against the refugees from slave-owners both loyal and not. Depending on the moment in time, and whether the 1st or 2nd confiscation act, or the Emanciapation Proclamation is in effect, determines the status of the refugees.
men and resources are used to protect and provide for the refugees rather than in combat.
This is part of the large 'hand tied behind their back' that the north had to deal with in controlling vast swaths of the South...

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