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 Posted: Sat Jan 21st, 2012 01:15 pm
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BHR62 and csamillerp-

  The statement that when Babe Ruth retired during the 1935 season, no one else had over 300 homeruns is incorrect. The man who hit behind Babe Ruth in the Yankee's batting order for many years, Lou Gehrig, had 378 homeruns by the end of the 1935 season.

Lou Gehrig Statistics and History -

  Ty Cobb was famous for stealing bases and a having a bad temper, but he didn't hit a lot of homeruns. He never hit more than 12 in a single season, and had only 117 in a 24 year career. He did lead the American League in 1909 with nine homeruns.

  Babe Ruth began his career in the majors in 1914, and Ty Cobb retired from baseball after the 1928 season. They were opponents in the American League for 14 years.

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