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 Posted: Sat Feb 4th, 2012 03:51 pm
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Yes, I also read all of Bruce Catton's historical works.  Have you read Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson?  He won the Pulitzer Price.  I have many history books, especially WWII and Civil war, but Foote is my favorite.  There are so many dimensions to this epoch period of time, militarily, sociologically, and philosophically.  Though I'm a Texan, I have always been a Unionist at heart.  Nevertheless, I try to read Civil War history objectively.  Foote appeared at times to criticize the scorched earth policy of Sherman and other Federal generals, and yet when when asked who, after the final analysis, was the greatest general of this war, he quickly replied Grant....He won.  I admire Grant's grit and fortitude that matched Lee's genius.  Sherman, for that matter, was the first modern thinking general because of his notion of total war.  One of my favorite generals is also Longstreet, the most adaptable of the generals during Reconstruction.  He became a Republican and fit quickly back into the Union.  Poor Picket, however, unfairly blamed by Lee for the Gettysburg defeat, retired from the Confederacy a broken man.  What an incredible saga in American history.  It showcased our greatest president and, in many ways, the greatest generals (on both sides), our country ever had!

---- Wordsmith

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