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 Posted: Wed Nov 15th, 2006 02:57 pm
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Thanks for the reply.  Does your listed sources give rosters througout the conflict for the various regiments.  I've documented these individuals membership in their various regiments via nps, individual reg. websites, booth's (for my La ancestors), etc.  and have their length of service.  Even with the length of service, that doesn't garantee me that he was there in a particular engagement (unless present at all rolls is mentioned).  Unless they're officers and have written the report or mentioned in a document/book, it's difficult to find documentation for sgts, privates, etc. who participated in that engagement.  Any suggestions?  Live close to D.C. where I could visit the Archives and look myself.  It's pricey for the archives to do the search for you via mail/internet.  FYI - has a rather extensive cw data base. 

Doc C



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