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 Posted: Fri Feb 10th, 2012 12:51 am
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As we approach the 150th Anniversary of the battles fought in 1862, I hope that the campaigns in the western theatre get equal treatment with Malvern, Sharpsburg and the eastern campaigns.  Shilo is approaching fast in April and I hope many will be visiting Savannah Tennessee and Corinth Mississippi this year. 

I hope some new books come out on Sydney Johnston, both Generals Wallace, Halleck's dislike of Grant, Sherman's dislike of Halleck, Bragg, and Beauregard.  Remarkably interesting stuff.  As Grant said:

The Battle of Shiloh has been more persistantly misunderstood, than any other engagement between National and Confederate troops during the entire rebellion.

Too bad Professor Otis Edward Cunningham died in 1997.  His PhD dissertation and eventual book on Shiloh is the best book on the battle.  He would have loved to be there on April 6th.

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