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 Posted: Sat Feb 11th, 2012 03:34 pm
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  Texas Defender, I can't argue much about anything you stated.

Like you, I don't think Gen. Grant was brilliant or a great visionary. He did make great use of his armies and unlike his many predecessors in command, he was not afraid to take the battle to the enemy.

It is historical fact that the CSA generals in the west were bumbling. Beauregard, Bragg, and Joe Johnston and others left a lot to be desired and remind us that incompetents existed
in both the Union command and with the CSA until summer 1863.

I don't think there was much chance of foreign help for the CSA after the Emancipation and definitely not by July 1863?

As a Texas guy, you know the war in the West might have turned out very differently if Albert Sidney Johnston had not have been killed at


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