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 Posted: Sat Feb 11th, 2012 03:53 pm
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  I agree that by 1863, the chances of foreign intervention were close to zero. The British had found alternative sources of cotton, and the French weren't going to do anything unless the Brits did.

  General Lee's campaign in the north had the additional objectives of trying to weaken the resolve of the northern people and reducing northern pressure on certain areas of Virginia. In my view, Lee would have been better off preserving his resources for defensive purposes, but he did not have the advantage of hindsight.

  As for Albert Sidney Johnston, no general was held in higher regard by Jefferson Davis. It is impossible to know what might have happened if he had not died at Shiloh. However, some have questioned his actions there and elsewhere, and whether or not he was deserving of Davis' high regard for his abilities.

  As for Joseph E. Johnston, unlike some on this board, I am not willing to consign him to the ranks of the incompetent. He certainly was not the aggressive type, but in my view he did well when conducting a defensive campaign.

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