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 Posted: Sat Feb 11th, 2012 05:40 pm
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Hello, I enjoyed reading these posts about the dogs and was pleased to learn about Webb Garrison's books, which I was unfamiliar with. In addition to Marilyn Seguin's book that you mention, I would recommend a wonderful history of Civil War dogs by Michael Zucchero: "Loyal Hearts: Histories of American Civil War Canines."

Maybe you can help me locate information concerning one of a Confederate dogs at Gettysburg who is called Grace. "Loyal Hearts" and others (including Ms. Seguin) recount the story of the canine mascot of the 1st Maryland (CSA) who died at Gettysburg and appears in the famous painting by Peter F. Rothermel of the action at Culp's Hill. Rothermel's inspiration for including the dog was the report of Union Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Kane of the dog's fearless charge with the 1st Maryland and, afterwards, of finding the dog going about on three legs, "as though looking for a dead master, or seeking . . . an explanation of the Tragedy he witnessed. . . . He licked someone's hand, they said, after he was perfectly riddled. Regarding him as the only Christian-minded being on either side, I ordered him to be honorably buried."

I have found no historical evidence that the dog was actually named Grace, so I am curious: Was Grace the dog's name, or did that name become attached to the dog after the fact, because of the story told by Gen. Kane?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

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