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 Posted: Sun Feb 12th, 2012 03:30 am
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As a Texan. myself, which matters little, I think that Grant was a pragmatist, much like Patton and other generals.  This was probably true for Lee also.  To say that he was not a visionary, however, is to overlook his ability to adapt to situations time and time again.  Perhaps he was not philosophical about the war, but his cold logic and spur of the moment decisions were the byproduct of his genius.  I disagree with the implication that he was not brilliant.  As a tactician and strategist, he may have seemed to stumble along at times, but he was brilliant general.  Let's not forgot who he was up against.  Most historians I have read would agree with the opinion that he was a military genius.  Comparing him to a boxer that continues to climb off the mat is an over-simplification for a very complicated man.

---- Wordsmith

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