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 Posted: Wed Feb 22nd, 2012 09:11 pm
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Old North State wrote: "The more info I find the more I want and more questions seem to arise."

That's always the nature of good research. Wishing you continued good luck with yours.

Thank you very much. There are four things I would like to find (if possible) and see. One that i know is possilbe is my church's ledgers. Several of my church's members were in the 58th Alabama and we have the ledgers and conference minutes all the way from the beginning in 1833. I have requested to see them but haven't gotten to see them yet. Number 2 is a complete diary from a soldier in the 58th if one even exists. Third is some kind of requisition form or reciept that tells what weapons might have been issued at a certain time or number 4, perhaps what clothing was issued and what depot it might have came from at a certain time. Again not sure if these exist either. I've found requisitions in the officer's microfilm forms but nothing specific. But thanks again for the "good luck".

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