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 Posted: Sat Feb 25th, 2012 06:57 am
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Unlike others, I read through every army and navy memo regarding the Mississippi expedition/TN from Nov. through the fall of Donelson. Buell's plan to have a 3 pronged movemnt into TN with his forces was in place until Jan. 26, when Grant returned to Cairo (or Paducah, can't exactly remember) after going off on a demo to support Buell's movement that never occurred, quel suprise. Halleck had ordered that move. So as of the 26th, there was no approved plan. Foote had already told Halleck that the mortar boats could not be used on the TN River, so that was no delay factor. Lincoln ordered Halleck to conduct a re con of the TN R. Halleck advised Foote ca. Jan. 26, he was awaiting C. F. Smith's report before advancing on the Tenn. But intelligence received on the 30th that Beauregard was reinforcing Johnston, set everything in motion in a flurry of telegrams. Thus Foote moved a week earlier than planned. Halleck had written McClellan on Jan. 20 that the true line of invasion was the Tenn. R., but there's no evidence that McClellan ever told Lincoln that. Nor did Halleck to AL. So Anna Ella Carroll was the  only one who placed a plan for the Tenn. R. movement in front of Lincoln, which was why Stanton was appointed and dispatched Scott west to organize reinforcements.  The two top planners were Halleck and Foote because they were the senior officers. But don't mistake me, I'm a big fan of Grant. But the sole credit he gets for this is just wrong, wrong, wrong. It's also just silliness to believe that Lincoln would not somehow be overseeing this, as this was his home region. Foote was sending him daily reports on the progress of the gun and mortar boats, per his instructions.

But, of course, no one wants to listen to two "uppity" women, that is, Carroll and me. She's been accused of lying before Congress, suborning perjury from Scott and Wade, forging testimony. And all four military committees hearing her claim for monies owed by the govt. for publications voted in her favor. There is no dispute about her role.

Kay Larson

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