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 Posted: Tue Mar 6th, 2012 02:29 pm
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HankC wrote:

in Baltimore the free black population outnumbered the enslaved 25,000 to 2500.

The eastern shore proposal was that free blacks could leave the state, volunteer to be enslaved to the master of their choice or be conscripted by the state and sold at auction.

The Baltimoreans voted the logic of dimes and dollars.

not sure what you are saying about what I am saying??? Everything I have said is in black and white in the thread...

In a way I was being sarcastic. The prevailing sentiment among historians is that non-slaveholding whites fought for the Confederacy because they were afraid of losing their "whiteness". They were afraid of racial mixing and black equality. I've always said this was hogwash. As racist as they were it wouldn't matter if the black were slave or free they would have still seen themselves as superior to the black man. And as far as intermarriage goes the white women seemed to be even more racist than the white men. So I've never put much stock in that theory. Your post about Baltimore to me is proof of this. Baltimore was a hotbed of secession yet they were willing to live with a large population of free blacks because of the money and the skills they brought to the table. The feelings toward slavery and free blacks differed from region to region throughtout the South even within the states as seen by your post. So the idea of a solid south in the defense of slavery to me is hogwash. There were other reasons that brought the Confederacy together against the Union. Many just don't want to see it. They are blinded by the slavery issue.

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