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 Posted: Sat Mar 17th, 2012 04:30 am
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Try this Mark, I think this is where the site I found yesterday got it's info from.

 The lance, another serious weapon in the hands of a trained trooper, also appeared in the war. The 6th Pa. Cav., "Rush's Lancers," was armed with this weapon, in addition to its pistols and a few carbines, until May '63. The weapons shortage in the South led its leaders to give serious consideration to arming troops with lances and pikes. In early 1862 a set of resolutions provided for 20 regiments of Southern pikemen, and on 10 Apr. '62 an act was passed that two companies in each regiment be armed with pikes. "Strangely enough, such foolishness met with the complete approval of the military leaders, and even Gen. Lee on April 9, 1862, wrote Col. Gorgas (Chief of Confederate Ordnance), 'One thousand pikes should be sent to Gen. Jackson if practicable". Georgia's gov. spurred the Production of weapons that are now known as "JOE BROWN'S PIKES."

The full page is here

Looking at this I'm no sure if it's saying raise twenty regiments of pikemen, raise twenty regiments with two companies of pikemen in each regiment, or two companies of pikemen in every regiment.

As for pikes making a regiment elite, what's going to make them elite? Yeah they don't have to worry about ammo, but I don't believe historically the pikeman was an eliete soldier. They were more an answer to the mounted knight. And by the time of the Civil War a unit whose principle weapon was the pike seems less elite to me do to range. Look at how many folks were likely to get mowed down in a bayonet charge before they ever reached the enemy line. At least with the bayonet they might be able to get off a couple round before adding the bayonet (or they might be able to add the bayonet and get of a single round before charging). With just a pike as the main weapon it seems you're more gonna be mowed down long before you can even get close. 

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