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 Posted: Fri Apr 6th, 2012 01:31 pm
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Mike,,,I agree totally with you as most readers of this board do.

History channel is owned and operated by the multi networks run and financed by the left wing and/or obama sycophants.
So you aren't going to see anything about the war there very often.

I am pretty certain they want the population to be further dumbed-downed before the fall election.

Like you mentioned, the national media would rather stir up hatred using the florida shootings to divide and agitate and stop folks from thinking how bad the economy really is.

You might think the discord about the Civil war and it's repercussions might also flame partisanship and anger for
the major networks??

But since it happened 150 yrs ago, the networks can't be bothered
to bring up 'ancient' history very few people know anything about and care less about today.

One thing I saw on NBC this week was a quick spot about the error of total deaths from 4 years of Civil War.
Brian Williams reported the new total of deaths in the war was much closer to 750K rather than the 'old' total of
about 620K deaths.
However, he didn't site the source(s) of this information so I have no idea whether it's factual?

Dr. T

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