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 Posted: Thu Apr 12th, 2012 06:59 pm
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I think, in my humble opinion, that Gettysburg was a truning point in the war just due to the amount of Confederate soldiers that were killed, wounded or taken prisoner.

Let's face it, they lost a lot of men they could not easily replace, unlike the Union. I also think the defeat at Gettysburg was something of a mental loss for the Confederates as well. True, they hung in there & fought, but I think in their minds (possibly in the back of the minds at least) was the reminder of Gettysburg and MAY have hindered their decisions in fighting.

Just a thought.

I do think Lee's attempt to wage war in the Union's back yard was a good idea on paper, but failed. I tend to agree with Longstreet that in order to fight a successful battle, they should not have fought at Gettysburg, but moved to find another area suited to their liking and let the Union attack them. But Lee wouldn't listen & it cost him dearly.

Just my two cents....

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