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 Posted: Thu Apr 12th, 2012 08:11 pm
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Michael F. Blake-

  We're in general agreement that the huge amount of casualties suffered at Gettysburg, including many senior leaders, degraded the ANV's ability to conduct offensive actions subsequently. But it didn't destroy General Lee's army, which was able to fight well for almost two more years.

  I believe that General Lee's decision to move north was made for a number of reasons. One of these was the hope of inflicting a major defeat on Union forces on northern soil, and thus to deal a blow to the resolve of the northern people to continue the war. Obviously, the outcome tended to have the opposite effect.

  I also agree that the battle should not have been fought there against entrenched Union positions. General Lee should have moved his army in the direction of WDC and forced the AOP to follow. But I believe that at that point in the war, Lee thought his men were invincible and so he didn't listen to General Longstreet, and in the end he asked more of his men than human flesh could bear.

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