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 Posted: Thu Apr 12th, 2012 08:33 pm
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  We're in complete agreement that the loss of control of the Mississippi River, beginning in 1862, had a devastating effect on the Confederacy, especially in conjuntion with the naval blockade of all southern ports. The loss of the river meant that Union forces were handed the initiative and southern forces were severely hampered in the west. Defeat in the west led to overall defeat for the Confederacy.

  I do not believe that the defeat at Gettysburg lessened General Lee's Army's resolve to fight, or led to a loss of confidence in General Lee. It did, however, give the ANV a harsh dose of reality and an appreciation that the: "Damned yankees" were pretty good soldiers also. The war would have to be fought differently from that point on.

  I also agree that Mr. Lincoln's two minute speech on 19 Nov 1863 helped to immortalize the battle. It was, perhaps, a contributing factor that led SOME people to over-rate the military importance of the battle itself in determining the final outcome of the war.

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