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 Posted: Fri Nov 17th, 2006 04:03 pm
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Art B.

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Just curious to know:

Who let the development crop up around the CWH and MotC? Was it the city of Richmond? Henrico County?

Who sponsored the development? City of Richmond? Henrico County? Virginia Commonwealth University?

If, in fact, they were victims of uncontrolled development, the museum and Confederate White House should be assisted financially in finding a new location as well as subsidized to continue their "normal" operations until new sites can be obtained. I seriously doubt the CWH and MotC voted to allow the parking garages, extra wings, etc. to be erected, in essence, cut their own throats.

The VCU Hospital, VCU itself, the city, and [if involved] the county should ALL chip in to pay for the lost revenues AND the costs now foisted upon the two civil war institutions.

Art B. in TampaFL

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