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 Posted: Fri Nov 17th, 2006 04:12 pm
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Art B.

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Consider Gettysburg alone. One million visitors EVERY YEAR, year-in, year-out. If each visitor to The Burg was to pick up just one, small piece of rock at the railroad cut, at The Angle, or elsewhere, there wouldn't be any walking paths, no walkways around monuments or under observation towers, and the like.

The "oh, it's just a little piece; nobody will miss it" mentality would spread, like an oil slick on water, to encompass branches from the peach trees @ Sherfy's, a bolt from the Oak Hill observation tower, an elevating screw from a cannon at some remote portion of the field, the musket barrel broken from a monument... you see how the damage can escalate; in some cases, it actually has happened.

Widow & CalCav have made excellent posts, their points certainly deserve reflection by everybody who visits this site.

Art B.

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