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 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2012 05:49 am
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Texas Defender wrote:

  The assasination of Mr. Lincoln was a great disaster for the south, as Mr. Davis noted when he learned of it.

I certainly have no special regard for Mr. Lincoln, but there are a great many men of whose end I would much rather heard than his. I fear it will be disastrous for our people, and I regret it deeply.

-Jefferson Davis, April 19, 1865

Lincoln-old Abe Lincoln-killed-murdered.... It is simply maddening, all of this.... I know this foul murder will bring down worse miseries on us.

-Mary Boykin Chestnut, April 22, 1865

Two of my favorite quotes from Randall Bedwell's War is All Hell. The reason being their showing that there were those in the South who feared what Lincoln's death would do for the South. Like you said, TD, Davis noted the assassination wouldn't do the South any good. Makes you think that at least two people in the South at the time might have been rather upset with Booth.

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