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 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2012 05:50 pm
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Old Blu wrote:
ebg wrote: Old Blu wrote:
ebg wrote: OLD BLUE-
if you don't understand what I wrote it is no use in going any further.

oh, yes, I agree...if your unable to elaborate upon your position, you should quit.

if it were possible to legalize slavery, it is historically certain that it never has been legalized in this country. No statutes have been enacted that could have legalized it—none that have even pretended to do so.-by Radical Abolishment Convention 1855

In other words...omission doesn't make something legally constitutional.

if omission makes something constitutuional, then seccessionist have to acept the fact that the slave population is inclusive in the Phrase "We The People" because the words "except the slave population" written after "We the People" was omitted!

Sometimes things can be too simple for some to grasp the Constitution!!   =+-

Hey, that's really cute what you did with that cartoon charactor going in and out of the door!!

If constitutional law was "simple to grasp", there would be no need for law schools to study constitution law. There would be no need for constitutional lawyers that spend their whole careers on a single constitutional issue.

I agree with you, most constitutional questions are to complex "to let the simple man decide."

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