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 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2012 06:35 pm
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Gettysburger wrote: Savez, I agreed with every word of your comment until
you said the Battle of Gettysburg was overrated.

I agree you can have your opinion. But you can't make
a statement like that on this board and not expect someone to ask you for justification of why you think like that?

If you want to say the war between the states was already lost for the south at shiloh or new orleans or even antietam
I'll agree with you. But to say a battle of the magnitude of the one fought at gettysburg is overrated is a gross oversimplification of the military, historical and political facts and implications
of that battle.

dr. t

I agree. I should have made myself more clear. I'll answer your question by either starting a new thread as not to further hijack this one or find one where this discussion is already being debated.

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