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 Posted: Fri Nov 17th, 2006 04:38 pm
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I had such a great response to my post of "What's your favorite Civil War songs?" that I decided to continue with "What's your favorite Civil War photos?"

I have many but I am consolidating down to 2.

#1  Grant with Meade and officers at a war council May 1, 1864

Grant considered his options of fighting another Peninsula camp., pushing through the Wilderness or moving towards Gordansville.  While famously smoking one of his cigars he commented to a prying repoter about how long it would take his army to move into Richmond, "I will agree to be there in about four days.  That is, if Gen. Lee becomes a party to the agreement.  But if he objects, the trip will undoubtedly be prolonged."

In the photo Grant can be seen leaning over a church pew to discuss plans on a map held by Meade.  The photo shows the men in a more relaxed state.  Some smoking, others reading papers.  Hardly any notice the camera is there.  I would love to know exactly what was said in that conversation.

#2 Custer posing with conf. prisoner.

The two are sitting on a box together.  Custer looks very relaxed and quite sure of himself.  The two men were actually buds while attending West Point together.  If there is a movie to be made about Custer, I think Matthew McConaughey would do a fine job.

We all have no doubt spent hours flipping through books by McPherson and others.  So I am curious to know some of your favorite photos and why.


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