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 Posted: Tue Apr 17th, 2012 06:12 pm
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The successful conclusion of the war was bound to give Lincoln a lot of political capital. But there was already a showdon brewing between him and congress over the post war plans. They were already doing combat over the percentages of the 1860 voter rolls swearing allegiance to the US. Lincoln had tried to get Louisiana back into the Union before the war even ended. They had fulfilled a 10% of 1860 voter roll swearing allegiance to the US. If I remember right the radicals killed it by demanding 50%. Lincoln basically just wanted the southerners to come home to the Union.

But with the successful conclusion of the war....I think Lincoln would have had a huge impact on the severity of the coming reconstruction. The fact that he had stood strong through even the darkest days of the Civil War was recognized by the northern populace. He had created a lot of enemies in the prosecution of the war. But the 1864 election showed the people of the North still were with him. The war's successful conclusion was only going to solidify that support. Unfortunately his plans were still being hashed out when he was assasinated.

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