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 Posted: Thu Apr 19th, 2012 01:27 pm
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During the war no one ever thought of a turning point. That kind of thinking was the luxury reserved for the historians and students of the war from wars end to the present time.

Both sides fought the war as best they could using resources as well as they were able.

You can't argue the blockade was not effective. It's effect helped to cripple the souths ability to maintain commerce, wage the war and feed, clothe and supply it's armies.

Without england's and france's intervention, the south was doomed.

If you believe what Sherman said from LSU to his colleague after SC seccession, you would agree the souths resources would be limited in every way and his prophecy would eventually become the reality.

I realize Southerns to this day didn't think they could lose the war. That is a large part of the myth of the Lost Cause:The noble and just Southern people had God on their side and they could prevail under any and all hardship.

Most importantly to me is in the north, life went on like it had before the war. Unless you had a son, brother, father or other relative fighting and dying, mostly you were uneffected by the war since life had not much changed.

The Harvard-Yale boat race was not affected. The Morrill Act of 1862 gave birth to the great land grant universities. Vassar college was founded, etc.

The new york stock market soared on the monday after the news of Gettysburg.

You can't say that life in the South was unchanged or that it improved much during any part of the war. Very few families were uneffected by war. Nearly every family had a man in the army and every family felt the sting of shortages.

As far as Gettysburg being an important event for the south, the value of CSA bonds fell drastically in europe after the news of the battle and by the end of 1863, the bonds value were about 12%.

Was there a high water mark of the war? I don't think that took place in the west or the east. Historians credit Gettysburg to be the point from which the south never recovered fully. Whether it was the ANV and it's ability to harass DC or the morale of the confederate people, GB changed more than some are still willing to admit.

dr. t.

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