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 Posted: Wed Apr 25th, 2012 02:06 am
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JG6789 wrote:
Savez wrote:
So you don't think Grant used the advantages in manpower and equipment to wear down his opponents in a war of attrition? I would say that is pretty close to what he did everywhere he went...To say that what Texas Defender wrote is "not even close" is simply ignoring historical fact.

No. Grant in the West repeatedly maneuvered his opponents into untenable positions. During the Vicksburg campaign in particular, there were several occasions where the Confederates had more people in the vicinity than the Federals, but Grant’s mobility kept them on their heels, unable to combine against him. Contrary to what you assert, I think this is what the historical record shows.

When did the Confederates have a numerical advantage during the Vicksburg campaign? Are you factoring in naval forces as well? Not saying they didn't, just wondering at what point.

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