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 Posted: Sun Nov 19th, 2006 07:27 pm
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Yes, it's a terrific shot.  That picture of Lincoln and Little Mac was taken at Antietam, a few days after the battle on 17 Sep 62.  I believe the photographer was Mathew Brady, or possibly his assistant Alexander Gardner.  The president and the general are partially facing each other in the tent.

Notice the tent pole which appears to be between them.  Of course the tent pole was already in place, it wasn't the photographer's prop.  But the photographer took advantage of the visual effect of the "divider" and asked them to pose that way.  They probably didn't even notice the tent pole, it's one of those commonplace things like a doorknob.  The photographer intended to illustrate the rift between the Commander in Chief and the Commanding General.

What was Little Mac thinking while posing?  We can guess what Old Abe was thinking.  In just two months, McClellan was out and Burnside was in.

There's another shot taken with the two standing in front of the tent, Lincoln in his top hat, McClellan staring at his vest buttons.  Mac was of average height, actually, but he was so young that the soldiers called him "Little."


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