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 Posted: Mon Nov 20th, 2006 12:31 pm
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Joe, that Lincoln portrait was Alexander Gardner's work, after he left Mathew Brady and started his own studio.  He and Lincoln had good rapport, so Gardner was able to get Lincoln to relax and be himself.  Lincoln was the first president to understand the political power of a photograph, so was quite willing to work with Gardner.

Although most of the face is in shadow and slightly out of focus, the left eye is the only part which perfectly in focus, and reflects a little gleam of light.  Gardner didn't plan it that way, but he saw the possibility and captured it.  This image was one of Lincoln's favorites.

Gardner had been photographing Lincoln for two years, and in a way was documenting the rapid changes in the man's face. 

The crack is where the glass plate was broken accidentally after it was exposed.


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