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 Posted: Sat May 12th, 2012 05:05 pm
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Joel Smith-

  General Sherman's army was responsible for the destruction of a huge amount of property, but Sherman never sanctioned murder.

  In fact, General Sherman offered General Joseph E. Johnston very generous surrender terms at the Bennett Place in late April of 1865. He even provided the defeated Confederates with rations, horses, and mules.

  General Johnston was very grateful to Sherman, and they formed a lasting friendship. After the war, General Johnston would not tolerate a negative word to be said about General Sherman in his presence.

  By contrast, Josef Stalin sanctioned the deaths of many millions of his countrymen, both military and civilian, in various purges and in gulags. He was probably responsible for the deaths of more people than Adolf Hitler was.  You mentioned Stalingrad. There Stalin ordered massive reinforcements through murderous German air attacks that killed thousands, and thousands more Russian troops were slaughtered by special units if they tried to retreat from contact with the Germans.

  To compare General Sherman to Josef Stalin in any way is an absurdity.

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