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 Posted: Mon May 14th, 2012 04:19 pm
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It would have been interesting to see the command structure that is for sure....Grant, Lee, Sherman, Jackson, Hancock, Longstreet, Cleburne, Thomas, Sheridan, Reynolds, Forrest and Stuart. Would have been something to see how that all shook out. Seeing that Lee was offered command at the start of the war by Lincoln...probably safe to say Grant would be a Corps Cmdr. I have an admiration for the way the South went down fighting. Defiance to the end. The valor shown from both sides was pretty impressive.

WHo was the Prussian that said our Civil War was just two armed mobs moving around blasting away at each other? Moltke? Like it was mentioned....the terrain over here had a big impact on our tactics that I don't believe the Prussians took that into account. Do any of you know much about the rifles the European armies used in comparison to the Springfield and Enfields used by the Yanks/Rebs?

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