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 Posted: Tue May 15th, 2012 02:43 pm
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sgtredleg wrote: Interesting aspect that I have not considered much. I'll look in detail to Rotovs commentary.
Off the top of my head, I would believe that a slower, more deliberate march would be beneficial to a soldiers physical stamina, if you could afford the luxury.
However, thinking of Jacksons Valley campaign as an example, I can truly see the value of speed marching. Due to Gen. Jacksons forced marches the Union troops were systematically defeated without ever being in a position to combine forces against the Confederates.
Even in todays MECHANIZED Army (at least when I was in) the Army trains to speed march with each individual carrying 80 lbs of equipment.
I do believe there is a valuable and noteworthy reason for forced marches, and that they should be held up as an example to achieve success.

I agree. All one has to do is look at "Operation Iraqi Freedom". It was all about speed. I'm sure there were plenty of "mechanized casualties" in the 600 kilometers from Kuwait to Baghdad, but that "forced march" was effective.

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