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 Posted: Mon May 21st, 2012 03:02 pm
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grizzly wrote: As a Civil War hobbyist, as opposed to the very knowledgeable contributors here, I have often wondered what would have happened had the South simply ignored Ft. Sumter, and let time work for them.  Initially, there would have been no blockade, goods would have flowed back and forth and the status quo might have continued until the CSA became stronger every month, resulting in a Fait Accompli.  Then federal property could have been negotiated for.  Was the attack on Ft. Sumter based on an emotional decision led by South Carolina that, by-god, was not going to have a Federal facility in its backyard?  The attack seemed to result in a Pearl Harbor-like reaction across the North, which could have been avoided.  Or would it have just been a matter of time before the North decided it was time to get serious and act?

Any insight on this or suggested reading would be appreciated.

The war would have and should have started at Fort Pickens. Also Lincoln was wanting to use offshore posts to collect revenue. Fort Sumter would not have been much of a factor in this but it was representative of what he was trying to do.

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