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 Posted: Thu May 24th, 2012 07:31 pm
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Hellcat wrote: Joel Smith wrote:
History being what it is we, as in United States citizens, tend to think of the war monolithically in terms of a block of good versus a block of evil.

That seems to be how the war is taught to us from an early age in school. I've lived up and down the east coast from just a few weeks of age (yes, just a few weeks of age, I was born in California and we moved back east when I was like two or three weeks old). We moved from NC to New England just before my 12th birthday and I had kids taunting me because of my accent and because I'd come from down South. The South was taught to them as being something to be hated for the watr and the North to be lauded for winning the war. So they felt the need to pick on this Southern boy as being from the South and thus being illiterate in comparison to them. They did get surprised when I knew more on certain subjects than they did and wasn't the illiterate they expected.

i had a similiar experience when I moved from alabama top cleveland Ohio when i was 10 or so...

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