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 Posted: Sun May 27th, 2012 01:47 pm
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You may not think it was built from scratch but it was pretty close. A herculian effort was required to build the Civil War and World War forces. At the start of the Civil War we were buying rifles from Europe to help supply the need to arm the troops. Both sides didnt even have standard uniforms. Logistical supply chains had to be created. World War 1 the armed forces were scattered across America, Phlipines, Puerto Rico, and chasing Poncho Villa into Mexico. The French and British had to supply our troops machine guns, artillery, planes, and even uniforms. There are a lot of similarities. Moltke the Elder held our Civil War armies in contempt. The Germans didnt think much of our army at the start of our involvement.

But my main reason for this thread was to compare the average Yank/Reb to his European counterpart.

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