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 Posted: Sun May 27th, 2012 05:09 pm
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gnoman, I've searched through my books and I can't find a definitive answer to your question about the change in regulations between 1865 and the 1870s. There was definitely a new series of regulations that came out in the early 1890s and that was updated again in 1911. It also appears that formation names are dependent on the drill manual a unit was using. For instance, in the version I quoted earlier it talks in terms of squadrons instead of companies. However, in the 1855 and 1861 versions, they refer to cavalry companies. By the 1890 version, the term "troop" had replaced company and so it remains today. Also interesting is that the word "squad" appears once in the 1861 version, none in the 1864 version but by 1890 it appears more than 200 times in the drill manual. The plains Indian wars seem to have really emphasized the need for more decentralized tactics. I know that doesn't answer your questions, but I hope that helps somewhat!


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